After joining RunFit Club

It's only after joining RunFit Club that I was able to run my first ever full marathon. This is after 2 years of registering for a full marathon then changing my mind when collecting my kit. Thanks to joining the RunFit group beginning of this year. The support and training I got from Captain and the members made me confidently collect my kit this year without any doubt in my mind. I was ready physically, mentally and emotionally, and yes I finished stronger than I expected"

Runfit the Club

A few years ago,precisely 4 ,I finally made the bold step of crossing from the comfort of 21 kms into the deep waters of 42 kms..A full marathon.This took a lot of effort.Together with a few other friends we jumped into the deep end,clueless on so many aspects of training and we were seriously battered by that run, some of us swearing to never run again.Long story short ,together with a number of training mates,we decided to come up with a club that would equip runners of all abilities with relevant guidance to help them grow. Run Fit Club was born.A club dedicated to hold the hands of all runners sharing from each others experience and helping them grow from one level to another .Where you are made to realize that there is nothing that's impossible with good guidance and training. A club that helps bring out the best version of you..Looking back at the impact that the club continues to make,I know beyond doubt that this is the best place to be in . The results speak for themselves ..Running finish times have continued to improve with some of the fastest recreational runners marathon timings being posted by the Run Fit club members. The current fastest recreational runners timings of 2 hours 42 min for men and 3 hrs 44 minutes for debut marathon ladies being set by our members Join us here in the home of “Endless Possibilities ” and let's conquer together.