Heavy rain drops and just doing it-Raych’s diaries

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December 11, 2018
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December 24, 2018

Raych’s running diaries: Heavy rain drops and just doing it

Facebook is a great memory retriever…it pulls up this memory from my 6 year old post, I smile, I sit up and think about it. I try to remember where I was, whom I was with, what I was doing; then I smile more and give thanks for the years gone and the great memories. It reminds me of my mornings on how we have to focus no matter what (I mean within the human capability), and find joy and make fun out of what we have. We start running and a few  metres to the run it starts pounding…the rain drops were so heavy I feared for the bald headed running mates…I promise you I could hear the sound of rain drops bouncing off their heads…like those coloured balls our sons are always bouncing while playing…We go on and it gets heavier, and to all our amusement…elite lad decides to run under a tree calling us all on…am tickled and I now confirm that those rain drops must have done some damage to his skull, I thought I could see some ridges on their heads…mmmm…nope maybe a scene from my last night’s unfinished dream.

Everyone seems to defy the call for cover including the commander himself. I mean we are all so soaked and that tree was no banana tree…I have no idea how we were supposed to get cover under a “muvariti ” tree (aww..english name..eluded me), with needle like leaves. We laugh it off and the commander  and his troops take off on the mission ahead.  It goes well, and I realise later that this commander earned his place a long time ago. He created his memories while we slept now he commands from under the tree while taking cover. We will keep at it, till you return and say stop. Because…one day we may not run in the rain, let’s run when we can.  Let’s just do it when we can. Don’t let the opportunity pass for you to chase your dreams …just do it. There is never a right time.  Ask the commander; he did it when he could and sometimes he just wants to take cover when the clouds break.

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