About Us

The Start line

Run Fit Club started as a brainchild of a small group of enthusiastic recreational runners committed to achieving their individual running goals. They realized they could achieve their wildest fitness dreams by training together as a team true to the African proverb "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The only problem is that they wanted the best of both worlds - to go fast and go far and that's how "Run Fit Club" was born.

Our Drive

Living up to our tag line “One Club, Endless possibilities”, the clubs focus is road running and our members aspire to help each other pursue individual running goals. Whether it’s a member braving their first race or those ticking off another race or fun run, we all come together to spur each other to our highest potential. Centered around planned interactions, our runners share their experiences and training tips through mentorship and group runs and this has helped members reap benefits leading to improved personal records with each run. Through these efforts, the club has produced the fastest recreational runners in the country. The club is based in Nairobi and organizes biweekly group runs on Saturdays in various areas in the city and its environs. Training runs also happen out of town with some being held at high altitude areas of Iten and Kerio amongst others. During the week, members train from various areas that are convenient to them. The club is managed largely by passionate part-time volunteers who are equally assisted by an enthusiastic support team that helps manage club activities especially providing runners support during training runs and races.

Our Objectives

The overall objective of the Club is to promote amateur athletics, especially road and cross country running as well as fitness activities. The specific objectives include:
  • To assist members improve their overall fitness by engaging in activities towards the same
  • To encourage and support members to achieve competitive standards and/or personal fitness goals
  • To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in fitness to members
  • To facilitate members in registration for races or other activities that may require club membership
  • To offer a platform for people to run for fun (non- competitive) and be happy while at it (recreational)

Our club medals

The Club continues to register a new cohort of debut marathoners every year for both local and international races. This is considered to be a great achievement with many of the debut runners graduating (through mentorship) from shorter races to running a marathon. The barrier finally broken, the members grow to their best versions over time. Experience shows that most of them proceed to run their next marathon within months of the first.
Our club has debunked the notion that running is for a select few who have some kind of "genetic" disposition.
A number of our seasoned runners are taking part in the Abbot World Marathon majors. One of them is Jack Ndegwa who recently joined the list of those who have completed all six of them (Berlin, Tokyo, London, New York, Boston, and Chicago) earning the most coveted Six star Marathon status after finishing Chicago marathon in a time of 2:42:29.The fastest time recorded so far amongst the running clubs in Kenya.
Several other members have also run some of the prestigious world ultra-marathons including the Comrades Marathon and the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa.
In addition, very many Run Fit Club members have run in hundreds of local and regional races over the years. These include the Standard Chartered Marathon, Ndakaini Marathon,Mwea Classic Marathon, Sotokoto Marathon ,Kakamega Marathon,Kass Marathon, Kilimanjaro Marathon, Vic Falls Marathon, Soweto Marathon, Kigali international marathon, MTN Uganda marathon amongst others.
Our club members have recorded great time records in the Run Fit club wall fame. These members have achieved what remains many runners dream, earning them a place at the elite table. These valued members are a great motivation to the team having all started from humble beginnings experiencing the same difficulties that many runners go through yet breaking barriers to achieve great timings. They remain key mentors in the club and to the larger recreational runners community in Kenya.

Becoming a Run Fit Member


Any person over the age of eighteen years shall be eligible for membership of the Society and shall, subject to the approval of the committee, become a member on payment of an entrance fee of Shs. 3,500. The Fee may be revised from time to time upon the approval of members.


Children under the age of eighteen years shall also be eligible for membership of the Society, subject to the approval of the committee and payment of an entrance fee of Shs. 1,500. Such admissions shall only be accepted upon receipt of a formal letter, signed by the parent or guardian


Membership will be granted to those who share in the objects of the society and agree in writing to participate in its activities. The committee shall have the discretion to decline membership application if it deems granting such application would be detrimental to the society.