A hard training week-Raych running diaries

Heavy rain drops and just doing it-Raych’s diaries
December 11, 2018
Raych’s Running Diaries: My five Shadows
February 11, 2019

This has been a hard training week. I feel like I’ve been carrying heavy steel planks for the chinese man incharge of the SGR Section 5 and 6 in Suswa and Duka Moja. China man can i have a break and please share your hot dog while we are it. So today allow me to share what my running week looked like


(fast running at a pace you cant even accept a marriage proposal…oops am not like expecting one…we’re 10 down with my sir unless they do it at 10yrs too..mmm) with 3 km warm up and 2km cool down. I’ve coined this as tempo run 3.10.2 cool right. My coach didnt get that format last time he asked me about my run. Am an accountant,
number work all way.


I was so done from the tempo when the alarm rang i could only lift my index finger to snooze my alarm. My legs were tired and i had woken
up from the best sleep ever….effects of indulging mmm…no way i was going to loose the opportunity to enjoy this. I was scheduled for a light gym strength training but that too was going to be a pass. I needed this sleep. I tuck in and back to slumberland.


Alarm rings 4.30am and a rubble of something in my timny demands i rush to the bathroom. Am nervous. Why? Today is the real deal. Hill work. Now this friends is a tough one. Truth. Sprinting up a 300m hill without stopping. All your faculties are screaming anything that can twitch is twitching, you feel the urge to release anything that can be released. The push up the hill. I cant stand straight at the summit, my heart is on overdrive. My chest is popping out, i think my heart cant fit within it. I taste blood in my mouth. I want my nostrils to be elastic at this point. I need air . 7 reps up hill and am done! Am disoriented. My head is aching. Hold on there before you give me some advice like: “stop it. It’s never that serious” or “wachana nayo bora uhai”.

The sense of achievement in my soul (not heart…soul)is the best feeling ever. Gears change and my runners high sets in. Am so happy i did it. I will do it again and again. Why? Because i want to be better. You see i was the runner you lap on hills, i still struggle running uphill so much..they humble me, they made me feel so small, they made me think of failure, they made me run with an arched back looking like ‘another hill’ the runner behind could climb, and worse of all, they reduce my average pace and for that run record on garmin app or strava no one will give me a kudos. I have become better over time not the hill pro but now i try to maintain a good form and i get to lap a few people as well. Thanks to the hill work sessions.


My best run. This one you move at a comfortable pace, no sprinting, you pause look around at new constructions, notice the street lights that are out if order, notice the petrol station that changed its brand, notice your fellow runners new gear, you move slowly. Its recommended. This is a good run, i can narrate to you a story about a book am struggling to finish called “Sapiens”. Usually i dont talk while running, too much effort and like getting lost in thought besides when my soul is right i meditate and have some conversations with Almighty.


This is a planned rest day. Today all am supposed to do is obey nature. Sleep, eat and laugh.(okay and the stuff in between). Do nothing with my muscles basically. Shouldn’t we petition for my boss to give me an off day too..Unlike Tuesday whose rest day was intended to have no run and a little gym strength training, Friday i shall not even mention anything gym or run related. Its not allowed. We need such days. I love them. Just that my withdrawal symptoms start revealing themselves in the evening.


This one is the mother of all. The real test of a runner. How far can you go at your best pace on a given terrain. This run will test you on that. It needs some mental preparation. Youre going to be on the road for hours. You need energy. Lots of energy. You need camaradie to give you a thumps up, a high five along the route and even a final push on your last mile. You need someone to give you a smile at the finish point.


This i deserve. No its not the nice kind that you fall into slumber land midway with aroma and soft melodies filling the air. This is a deep tissue sports masssage critical after a long week of exercise. I shall be making a melody there tommorrow because i need to ready my body for the next run. We don’t stop we continue. The big run is loading 38@38. God help me. I want to back out, but i cant preach water and drink wine. Or can i, a little wine. The fourth street sweet red i got in the fridge maybe? If there was a runners legs union to fight for the plight of runners legs. Mine would have put through a petition this week. They lifted me, sprinted, pounded tarmac, ran the trails and allowed me to engage them in extra duties. Will gift you with a great massage. Shush, you had pedicure last week. This being my last full week training this year. I take opportunity to thank some special people.

Thanks ‘my sir’ Nelson Gitonga. Happy we are tackling the kms together, just look out for me behind. You zoom so fast. See you breaking records. To the best running partner ever Sarah Mwala. She rocks. She keeps me grounded. Eye on the ball. She waits for me at the finish point. She makes sure we are covered wherever and whenever we are. Tentee thank you! Thanks Runfitclub. Training with you has been terrific! Lina, Sly, General aka Ndegwa, Captain, Dagi, Terer,Nick, Ridu, Manu in no particular order. Okay if you wish arrange yourself in order of best 10 km runs….haiya check records Thanks #fitnesswithdavid for being my coach, the training programs, enlightening me on matters tempo, hillwork and speed. Only you are allowed to hike your fees beyond the inflation rate in 2019!

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